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You can sue a healthcare provider for compensation if, for example they:

  • failed to diagnose your condition or made the wrong diagnosis
  • delayed diagnosis
  • made a mistake during a procedure or operation
  • gave you the wrong drug
  • didn't get your informed consent to treatment
  • didn't warn you about the risks of a particular treatment.

You can claim for a next of kin who has died or doesn't have capacity to make their own claim.

But while doctors have duty of care, the NHS and the medical profession find it difficult to acknowledge mistakes. The system seems rigged against you. You have to prove the practitioner caused the problem, and you can feel isolated and alone against an unwieldy and unhelpful bureaucracy that closes ranks.

And the incident might leave you or your family with severe injuries that prevent you from living the life you planned. You might need help to recover from the injury, and face financial problems: loss of income, care costs, extra living expenses.

Medical injury compensation can pay for the best treatment, as you need it. You can have rehabilitation, and the settlement can cover your needs for your whole life.

Sometimes all you want is someone to acknowledge a mistake has been made, and apologise. But often the only way to achieve justice is to make a compensation claim. It shouldn’t have to be like this, but so often it’s the case.

You need an experienced medical negligence specialist lawyer to fight on your behalf, to take the medics to task, and guide you through a tough process that may take a long time. I’ll be there alongside you, every step of the way.

If you’ve suffered a medical injury, contact me to make a compensation claim.