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For a successful no win, no fee injury claim, your injury must

  • have happened in the last three years if you are aged 18 or over. This applies to most injuries, but some injuries are only diagnosed a long time after the accident took place. In these cases, the three-year time limit is calculated from the date that you knew, or should reasonably have known, about the health condition.
  • For a minor the three year time limit runs from when they turn 18
  • be caused by another party: we have to prove the accident caused your injury. In some cases, this may be more difficult, for example medical negligence.
  • be caused by someone who owed you a duty of care, for example: an employer’s duty of care to their employees, a doctor’s duty of care to his patients, a road user’s duty of care to all other road users.

If you are not sure who is to blame for your accident, your solicitor will advise and investigate this for you.

If you’ve been injured at work, contact me to make a compensation claim.