One spinal injured client’s story.

In March 2015, I was returning from a night out in South London, in a car with four friends. However, the driver was drunk, and started to argue with the front passenger. She lost control of the car, and drove into a tree. I was in the back of the car, and although I was belted up, immediately I knew couldn’t move at all.

All my ‘friends’ ran away from the accident, leaving me there, but I don’t remember anything else about it, until I woke up in hospital.

I would have died, if not for the seat belt. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been belted up… I still can’t wear seat belts in a car, they make me sweat with anxiety.

My dad contacted Helen Clifford about a month after the accident, and I first met her when she came to my bedside in hospital. Helen managed to get an interim payment from the insurers, which paid for rehabilitation at the Injured Jockey’s Fund (I hate horses, they scare me!). However, the rehabilitation didn’t help my paralysis, and I’m still in a wheelchair now, 24/7. I have no movement below the waist.

My claim was settled, but the compensation hasn’t made me happy, I’d really rather be where I was before the accident.

After the accident I moved into a ground floor flat, and I can get about the neighbourhood in my car. I have the support of my friends and family, and my part time PA manages the complex aspects of my life. She’s become a close trusted friend over time, and I just don’t know how I coped before now.

I’m so glad I met Helen, she can sort out anything for me. Helen’s always done the right thing for me, I trust her like I trust no one else. I trust her with all my secrets.

If I have any sort of problems, I can go to Helen. She keeps me level and sane, like one of the family.

Helen is so good at what she does, she’s a proper gangster, she’s the one.

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