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Injuries caused by accidents should not stop you living the life you want to. I have helped people like you to win injury compensation claims after serious injuries caused by someone else. Now they can get on with their lives.

But firstly, you need to recover from the injury. Immediately after, you might need specialist hospital treatment, and rehabilitation to help you recover. It is vital to act quickly. In most cases, early medical intervention massively improves the medical outcome for you. Often, if it’s clear that someone else caused the accident, I can obtain interim payments, and appoint case managers and therapists on your behalf. This makes sure you get the best treatment from Day 1.

Interim payments can help avoid NHS queues by paying for private treatment and provide additional specialist treatment for you.

A serious injury can cause you real financial difficulty. You might lose your income and have extra care and living expenses because of your injury. This may affect you and your family for the rest of your life. I can help you find cover for your short term requirements and a successful injury compensation settlement covers your needs for your whole life.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and I help people in all sorts of injury claims. However, I have specialist knowledge in these key areas:

If you’ve been injured at work, contact me to make a compensation claim.