Colin Bell’s story.

In April 2015, a steel girder fell on me while I was working on Anfield stadium. Both legs were trapped; both tibia and fibulas were broken; and my foot was mangled. It was a life changing injury. Both legs were pinned from the ankle to the knee and I was bedbound.

Helen Clifford was referred to me by a friend with similar injuries. She first visited me at my home, in the North East. After my injury, I felt as though no one cared, but Helen had a soothing way about her, very caring and compassionate. She told me not to worry about anything; all I had to do was concentrate on getting better. Helen appointed a case manager, built a team of 4 specialists: she made sure I got the best, and everyone came to me. Thank God I had the team.

Straight away Helen got 100% admission of liability. An interim payment bought me a bungalow, back in the village with my family. Up to then I’d been alone in middle of nowhere, but now I could see people. And the bungalow has now been adapted to my needs.

I didn’t have to pay out for anything. Helen did amazingly well for me, and didn’t take a penny of the compensation for herself. From the minute she first met me it wasn’t about the money, it was about me. Helen never rushed me once, had time for me, understood what I was going through as a person. This was more important than the money.

The claim settled up 2 years ago, it’s a long process. Helen has been very hands on in the 6 years since the accident. She breathes it, its personal, it’s her life.

For 6 years I was near the bottom, didn’t expect too much of myself, but I’ve got a way of life now. I swim a lot, I have physio on 3 or 4 times a week. I’m stronger in some ways.

Helen always has so much time for a chat, I can be on the phone for hours, she’ll always be there for me, giving me positivity. She turns around my thinking, even when I lost my mother.

Helen visited me to see how I was going, gave me hope. She’s spent a lot of time on me, picked me up from the bottom, loads of times. I think she may have saved me.

Because of that, I call her The Magician.

Helen Clifford Law - Colin Bell

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