Fighting the toughest opponents to get justice for you.

If you’re injured at work, you can feel alone, powerless and afraid against a powerful employer. My legal expertise levels the field, I fight their lawyers and insurers for you. I’ve won cases against the Ministry of Defence, Crossrail, law firms, major construction companies and insurers.

I'm here to support you through the process of making an injury compensation claim, and I know experts in other fields, such as rehabilitation, who can help to ensure you get the best result for you.

You can trust I have only your interests at heart, because I only work for employees, never employers.

People who have been seriously injured at work, and their families need to know that someone is going to be held to account for the injury. You don’t want to think the same thing can happen again to others. You need to see justice done, and my knowledge of Health and Safety law will help to ensure that those at fault are held to account.

In serious cases, I know how to work with and put pressure on the Health and Safety Executive for action, to punish bad employers, and take preventive action.

I often represent families of people killed in workplace accidents at Inquests, at no fee, to see that justice is done. I have worked closely with Families Against Corporate Killers on behalf of a number of bereaved families.

Because of my experience and background, you can tell me about your workplace and its issues and know that I get it.

If you’ve been injured at work, contact me to make a compensation claim.