Fighting the toughest opponents to get justice for you.

I’ve helped people like you to win compensation for over 25 years

No one should be killed or injured at work, it simply shouldn’t happen. In a civilised society people should be protected from injury and harm in the workplace. I don't want to keep standing by my clients' side at Inquests, at HSE prosecutions, on International Workers Memorial Day.

My Grandfather was a docker in Hull in the 1920s. He lost his leg in an incident at work, and lost his job. As a result, my dad Frank Clifford’s childhood was spent in poverty and he even lived for a period in the Work House.

Frank Clifford was a founding member of the Construction Safety Campaign, a campaign that I continue to support. He had been a shop steward, doing all he could to improve conditions from the shop floor. He was recruited by a trade union firm, and in his early 40s qualified as a solicitor. Frank helped bring about The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974, a key piece of legislation that keeps workers safe.

Eventually my father set up his own law firm, and as a baby I was in a Moses basket alongside my Mum while she did his books in the office. I was born to do this work.

I started working with my dad during my school holidays, trained with him and qualified as a solicitor in 1996. Helping people get justice, and finding ways to get their lives back on track after terrible traumatic events. Our clients won financial security, and were able to run their lives on their terms. It’s very rewarding, makes me proud of what I do and made me realise I’m lucky to be in a position to help. My work is about providing a voice to those who need me. It's as simple as that. I fight to right injustice.

Later in my career, I worked at Leigh Day where I set up and was head of the construction injury team, and then McMillan Williams, as Head of their Personal Injury Department. I dealt with a whole range of cases.

Working with these firms was great experience, and I achieved results for my clients as good as, or better than the firms' more famous names. I specialise in complex cases, where liability is denied and has to be proven, and high value claims, particularly brain and spinal cord injury cases.

I have dealt with a number of cases where accidents occurred on Crossrail and am currently acting for people injured in the Bow crane collapse.

Big law firms have an eye on costs and profit, and this restricted the service I could offer. I set up on my own to enable me to provide the personal service my clients need, without commercial pressure. I am free to represent you the way I want to. Your needs are paramount.

I can’t stop accidents happening, I wish I could. But I will continue to fight, to add my voice, my expertise and to put my heart into the fight to improve working conditions in this country until our workplaces are safe.

Whether it’s helping Tracey Seward to secure justice for Mark; standing by Rene Tkacik's mother in her battle against Crossrail contractor BFK; or alongside whistleblower Dr Stephen Frost against the Ministry of Defence.

Standing for Excellence in law, Integrity in my dealings, acting with Decency, and being Kind. As my Dad taught me.

If you’ve been injured at work, contact me to make a compensation claim.