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If you suffer a brain injury in an accident, or as a medical injury, you may be able to make a compensation claim if someone else is at fault. No two brain injury accident cases are the same, and I have helped many people like you with brain injuries, and their families, to build a life after injury.

It is hard to predict how long it will take to recover after a brain injury and the likely outcome. It may take months or years rather than weeks. Six months to a year after the accident it may be possible to make important decisions regarding the future. Psychological recovery can take considerably longer, and these more subtle psychological problems can cause longer-term difficulties, particularly for family members.

Injury compensation can help you fund brain injury rehabilitation services outside the NHS, facilitating your recovery.

However, it is important to appoint a brain injury lawyer quickly to investigate your case. Early medical intervention massively improves the medical outcome for you. Often, if it’s clear that someone else caused the accident, I can obtain interim payments, and appoint case managers and therapists on your behalf. This makes sure you get the best treatment, rehabilitation and support from Day 1.

Because I really know about brain injury claims, I will identify your needs quickly, recruiting experts to support you as you rebuild your life. You might have extra care and living expenses, affecting you and your family for the rest of your life. A successful injury compensation settlement covers your needs for your whole life.

If you’ve suffered a brain injury, contact me to make a compensation claim.