Helen is delighted to support nsif through her sponsorship of Claire Lomas MBE

I have been acting for clients who have suffered catastrophic injury for 25 years. I am passionate about securing justice and helping my clients to rebuild their lives following serious injury. I am also a health and safety campaigner.

I met Claire several years ago when she was giving a talk. At that time she was exploring the idea of gaining her motorbike licence.

It is important to me to be involved in supporting charities that help people to rebuild their lives following injury. Claire and I kept in contact and when she decided to do the laps at the BSB tracks I offered my support. She told me about the work of nsif. I am delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile charity and would dearly love to see the fantastic work come to fruition in my lifetime.

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Helen Clifford is a solicitor who is renowned for fighting the toughest opponents.